Friday, June 8, 2012

MWPSCA - Indore - Lethargy of officials

Three years of misplaced hopes, as scores of complain lay pending

Source: DNA | Last Updated 05:38(07/06/12)

Indore: Nonagenarian Jogilal of Biccholi Mardana is among the 60-odd
parents who saw a ray of hope in the maintenance and welfare of
parents and senior citizens act. They believed the act, which is meant
to save them from harassment by their own children, would help them
regain a dignified life. Their belief has proved misplaced.

Jogilal had complained on July 14, 2009 of harassment by his children.
He was 90 then. Nobody, much less the administrative officers whom he
had approached, knows what happened to Jogilal since then.

Though the case is still in the court of sub divisional officer,
Indore, his whereabouts could not be traced. The lot of other
complainants, total 60, is no better either.

"These senior citizens come at public hearings. We take cognizance and
forward the complaints to the concerned SDMs. But same old men or
women are seen in next public hearing because nothing happens. After
two or three attempts they give up ," joint director, social justice
department, Premlata Vajpayee, said.

Abdul Aziz, 70, a resident of Chandan Nagar area, made his first
complaint at the collector's public hearing on May 17, 2012. His
complaint was forwarded to SDO and that was all about it. The decrepit
septuagenarian came to the next public hearing on May 24. Again his
matter was forwarded.

Aziz has complained that he and his wife are beaten up by his son
Abdul Wahid and daughter- in- law. SDO, Indore, Vivek Shotria admitted
that there is delay because committees are to be formed at lower level
for resolving these cases but as they have not been formed.

He, however, claimed that only five such complaints are pending at his
court. "The social justice department forwards even those cases which
are related to police and we forward them to the police", the SDM
said. The social justice department, which monitors these cases, says
65 cases were forwarded to SDO Indore. Out of these, five were
resolved and 16 were forwarded to police for redressal.
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