Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lower floors to be reserved for senior citizens

This is the first time I am hearing PWD / Civil Engg / Town planning
departments taking any care about senior citizens requirements and trying
to introduce some changes favourable to us. Kudos.
Other Municiplaities also should follow.

In our country "Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built
Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons" are already available.
However they are not being followed except in sophisticated retirement
communities meant for the rich. These standards deal with internals of the
building structure. The guidelines have been included in AISCCON Guide on
Elder Care Homes, which was authored by Prof Ramamurti and myself. The news
item below talks about giving preference to elders in allotment /
reservation of ground and first floor for seniors. Good Move.

Now for the story

*First two floors of new buildings may be reserved for elderly* <> | Updated: September
13, 2012 17:10 IST
*Mumbai: In a proposal to benefit the state's elderly, the Democratic
Front (DF) government is mulling allocating first two storeys of all new
residential buildings to them. Other concessions and benefits are also in
the pipeline.*
The policy, which is at the drafting stages, is awaiting the nod of three
departments - transport, housing and urban development - on certain issues.
Even if these ministries take more time to demonstrate their endorsement,
the social justice department will place the proposal before the state
cabinet for final approval, a senior DF functionary told this newspaper.

The housing and urban development departments are believed to have told
social justice department that they may require some more time to make
necessary changes toMaharashtra Regional and Town Planning


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