Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old-age homes come of age

AHMEDABAD: It is not surprising that in Gujarat the elderly who choose to live in a retirement home can find an abode that is akin to a retreat. For instance, a new project called Shantiniketan Senior Living aspires to offer care and comfort that fulfill emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the elderly. The project - conceived by Akhil Gujarat Charitable Trust with the support of Sarapur Seva Trust - is situated near Adalaj. The campus can accommodate about 200 senior citizens. Each of the 100 double-bedrooms is equipped with an air conditioner and a LCD TV. There will also be a doctor-on-call facility, a physiotherapy room, and a large dining room with a modern kitchen serving vegetarian meals. 

Shantiniketan also provides day-boarding facility for senior citizens who are left alone throughout the day as their children go to work. A pick-up and drop service is available.

The organization also plans to invite schoolchildren to the campus on holidays and vacations, so that they can learn something from the experience of the seniors, who in turn can revel in the liveliness of children of the age of their grandchildren.

"I strongly believe that the blessings of the omnipresent God are realized through the blessings of the elders." says Utkarsh Shah, the managing trustee of Shantiniketan. "We are also trying to work out something to utilize the experience of these senior citizens in various NGOs around the city

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