Sunday, September 8, 2013

Corrigendum to Election Notification of 6th September

As instructed by Sri RN Mital, I am uploading the following CORRIGENDUM to Election Notification of 6th September, as other authorized person(s) are not immediately available.
Vyasamoorthy dated 8th September 2013

                                          Jyeshtha Nagarik Bhawan, Plot 7, Sector 12, Nerul West,
Navi Mumbai 400 076
To All voters:

Re : Election of AISCCON Executive Committee (2013-2016)


Notice dated 6th September 2013 along with Ballot Papers in respect of the above elections has already been dispatched to each voter.  In the instructions at the back of each Ballot Paper it  has been mentioned that ‘Ballot Papers can be downloaded from AISCCON website’

On fresh thought it has been decided that ONLY the original Ballot Papers duly filled and NOT the downloaded Ballot Paper be considered.

Hence it is requested to all eligible voters not to   make use of downloaded Ballot Papers to cast their votes.  They should use only the original Ballot papers and send their duly filled Ballot Papers in the self addressed envelops of Returning Officers.

We express regret for the inconvenience caused and hope to receive your whole hearted cooperation.


C.D.KHARE                                                                                                         R.N.BAPAT
Returning Officer                                                                             Additional Returning Officer,
206, Chintamani Society,                                                                      C-202, Manglya Society,
Babanrao Kulkarni Marg,                                                                    G.V.Scheme Road No.4
Mulund East, Mumbai 400 081                                                  Mulund East, Mumbai 400 081
Tel : 2 163 8 163                                                                                            Tel : 2 563 5312 
Mo : 9869412543                    


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