Monday, September 9, 2013

Shri Chapke :
 Please cause displaying the following message to voters on AISCCON website.  Copy
is being forwarded to Shri Chatre.  Thanks. CD.KHARE 
10th September 2013
To all voters :

Corrigendum – Please display the following message to voters 

Re : Election of AISCCON Executive Committee  (2013-2016)

You must have already received or will be receiving in the next few days four
Ballot Papers for the above elections.   In our earlier communique (corrigendum)  
on AISSCON website we have advised you to use ONLY the original ballot papers to
cast your votes and NOT the downloaded from the website.

We once again repeat our advise to you to  please send  only the original Ballot
Papers sent by us on which AISSCON round rubber stamp appears, and no other
ballot papers, in the self addressed to either of us envelope so as to reach these to us on 
or before 28th September 2013.  Please once again take a note that only original ballot
papers will be considered as Valid.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience caused.  

 Author Prabhakar chh

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