Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Office: Jyeshtha Nagarik Bhavan, Plot No. 7-C, Behind Gaondevi
           Mandir, Sector 12, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai 400 706
           Telefax 022-27701228


Declaration of Final List of Central Council Members
 of AISCCON for 2013-16

The Elections for Executive Committee are going to be conducted by the Returning Officer Shri C.D. Khare and Additional Returning Officer Shri R.N. Bapat and the results will be declared in the Central Council Meeting to be held at Jyeshtha Nagarik Bhavan, Behind Gaondevi Mandir, Plot 7-C, Sector 12, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai 400 706 on 29th September, 2013.

The list of members of Central Council of AISCCON who are eligble for voting to elect the Executive Committee of AISCCON for three-year period 2013-16, nominated by affiliated Organisations and as also the  Representatives of Privilege Members, Chief Patrons. Grand Patrons and Patrons who have been elected as informed by the Returning Officers is appended hereto and is being posted on the Website of AISCCON.

11th August, 2013                       D.N. Chapke
Nerul, Navi Mumbai                   Secretary General, AISCCON
                                                   e-mail : dnchapke@yahoo.com

N.B.  The undersigned may be informed of any change in the
          address and also provide e-mail address, Postal PIN
          Code, STD Code of Landline Phones. etc.  for faster

         Those who do not have e-mail address, it is suggested
         that they should create their own e-mail address for
         faster communication in view of postal delays.         

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